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BIO                         Wanda Strickfaden, President and founder of Improve Credit Consulting Firm, Improve Credit Consulting Firm is a nationally recognized company that specializes in credit education, credit restoration, and credit maintenance. She is a specific expert understanding the FDCPA, FCRA, FCBA, and HIPPA Act with special attention in reasonable procedures and credit damages. Wanda serves as an expert witness consultant for those involved in credit litigation. Wanda Strickfaden has been certified in the past with the FCRA and has 13+ years of experience within the consumer credit industry as a credit counselor, credit consultant, and home counselor. She has authored and created numerous educational materials on following subjects matter:
·         The book, Credit Repair: Real Answers To Your Credit Questions
·         The article, The Factors That Affect Your Credit Score – consulted consumers with credit restoration and education by assisting them with disputes, consolidation, settlements, identity theft protection, and debt management. Managed relationships between Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union for consumer’s credit restoration process for the following debts:  banks, mortgage lenders, credit card companies, private and government student loans, medical accounts, judgments, tax liens, and bankruptcy.
·         Managed credit restoration between Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union for large strategic clients, and celebrities based in North Carolina, South Carolina, California, and New York.
·         Well versed in credit score validations, impact analysis, score migration studies, credit score card mathematical calculations and the influence of the credit scoring system. Performed hundreds of credit score training to mortgage brokers, real estate agencies, and private/public schools.
·         Wanda has appeared on WBTV Channel 3 News in Charlotte NC as the Financial Credit Expert with the segments of “Drowning in Debt”, and “How to Avoid Bankruptcy After Divorce”, She was also named the “Financial Expert” of the Carolinas by WBTV Channel 3 News.
·         She is also a frequent commentator on credit & financial related issues in various outlets including WGIV’s “The BJ Murphy Show”, and “Home Solutions Realty & Finance Show” Experience as Radio Host and Co-Producer of the “Improve Credit & Finance” show on WGIV 103.3FM/1370AM
·         Wanda has also written articles for “Tiempos Del Mundo” sister company for the Washington Post, and “Descrubre Charlotte” with credit related news, and consumer related issues.
·         In her hometown of Charlotte NC, Wanda teaches courses on credit reporting, and credit scoring with My Finances 101, Mortgage Functions, Real Estate Functions.Lectures at Brisbane Academy, Financial Keys to Global Transformation Conferences, and to the Kingdom Business Association members.
·         Wanda has been awarded “Best Credit Consultant” of 2010 and continues to give lectures   with her quarterly events for the “Home Buyer & Credit Education” workshops.
·         Providing systematic programs such as: Budget Analysis, Payment Plan Schedules, Settlement Assistance/Education, Debt Management, Identity Theft Protection Services, and the Dispute Program